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Lemon Pickle-எலுமிச்சை ஊறுகாய்

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Lemon Pickle-எலுமிச்சை ஊறுகாய்

1. Made In Pure Gingelly Oil ( Nalla Ennai )

2. Our Pickles are well fermented improves gut health

3. No Vinegar

4. No Artificial Colors

5. No Artificial Flavours

Benefits of Pickles

1.Source of Vitamin K

2.Fermented pickles improves gut health

3.Good Source of Antioxidants

4.May ease muscle cramps

Word of Caution: Almost all pickles contain a high amount of salt in them. Salt is an indispensable ingredient in most of the pickles.However, excess salt consumption through pickles can cause problems of its own.

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